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Department of Computer Sciences, Mathematics and Technology



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Sciences, Mathematics
and Technology

The Division of Computer Information Sciences and Mathematics encompasses the fields of computer science, computer science with concentration in aviation, computer information systems, management information systems, and mathematics.

The Division of Computer Information Sciences and Mathematics' mission is to provide the students' academic needs with a challenging and supportive environment that prepares its students with the knowledge to carry out a responsible participation and leadership in an increasing technological society. The Division's responsibility is to meet the students' need that will be accomplished through teaching, community service, and scholarly activities.


Computer Sciences
and Mathematics

The Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science prepares the student for long-term technical leadership in the information technology industry and for continuing toward an advanced degree and research in Computer Science.

The objective of this program is to produce knowledgeable and well-rounded graduates who also understand their ethical and social obligations in the field of information technology. The study of Computer Science exposes you to a broad range of fundamental concepts in programming, data structures, operating systems, database systems, computer architecture, and software engineering.


Computer Sciences
and Mathematics

Florida Memorial University is proud to introduce a new Master of Science program in the field of Computer Educational Technology. This is a computing and technology facilitation endorsement (TF) program which meets ISTE standards. Our Master of Science in Computer Educational Technology path is designed for those seeking initial certification as well as teachers interested in personal development and career advancement.

After the required course work is completed, candidates will have the option of either taking a comprehensive examination or producing a thesis. The thesis (CET 598) will require a minimum of three credits for graduation. If the thesis is not successfully defended, candidates may register for additional hours by taking CET 599 from 1 to 3 credit hours until the process is completed.

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