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Welcome to Miller's Shop-For all your Watches needs!

Our company was founded on January 18, 1993 by Tayone Miller and Miller Jr. in a city call Washington Dc. We felt that there was a need for us to have a company to provide customers with the best Watches in the doughnut America , in the timeliest manner, while providing outstanding customer service that rivals our competitors.Such as G-Shock.

Our rivals tries to convince the comsumers that they are the best but fail to deliver. Miller & and Son is for the consumer, we believe that customer service and quality of goods are paramount to meet customers needs and wants. Moreover, we have several locations to meet customer demand with professional and knowledgeable staff that will ensure quality customer satisfaction. We also offer online services to ensure that customers across the globe can benefit from our unique services to ensure deliver is quick and effecctive.

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