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21st Century Learninggg

If someone were to compare the ways and techniques people learn today to the ways people learned 20 or 30 years ago there would definitely be a difference. 21st century learning is defined as learning skills, abilities, and learning characteristics that are used in today’s society. About 20 through 30 years ago the same resources and tools, used today to teach and learn, were not available. Around that time the techniques used to learn and teach were mostly just paper, pencil, and by the books. However, today in the 21st century we can access an abundant amount of information just by a click of a mouse, or even better by the touch of your fingers.
Today’s generation is exceptionally tech savvy, and most were raised with a great access to technology, unlike the generations before who came across technology at a later age. This means that 21st century learners have a greater advantage and variety when it comes to learning new information. A major tool used by teachers is Power Point. Now a day’s teachers are most likely to use Power Point during a lecture or lesson to give a visual for their students. Students also use the internet as a way to learn new information without having to leave the comfort of their home or the classroom to dig into the books.

Although technology is a key part to 21st century learning it is how the learners utilize technology and how they make connections. 21st century learners are able to discover new information via internet and able to analyze the information and use it accordingly. 21st century learners should be able to collaborate and think critically with others as well to solve real world problems. 21st learning is a combination of teaching, utilizing technology, making connections, and working with peers in order to take part in today’s society.