Thematic Planning Teaching Strategies

* Create Your Own Online Activities for Your Students (Filamentality) Pacific Bell Knowledge Network's Filamentality offers step-by-step procedures for creating a hotlist page, a treasure hunt, and a web-based activity page. Each page is accompanied by a description and an online example. For online help, tutorials, and guidelines for creating your own Teachers Website, click on
* Honor Level System Discipline by Design. Features techniques for classroom control and discipline which include "11 Techniques for Better Classroom Discipline," "Discipline Techniques that Backfire," "Four Stages of Discipline," and "Four Steps for Better Classroom Discipline."
* K-12 History on the Internet Resource Guide. Everything you always wanted to know about how to put students online in your social studies classroom. Includes links to Internet sites that can be used to enhance students' online educational experiences as well as to stimulate interactive class activities using e-mail.
* Teacher's Edition Online. Designed by teachers for teachers, this site offers lesson plans, teaching tips, and ideas for classroom management in all curriculum areas. You can also request a free e-mail newsletter.
* Teacher Talk. An on-line publication for preservice, secondary school teachers developed by the Center for Adolescent Studies at the School of Education, Indiana University, Bloomington. Features lesson plans and ideas for classroom management and building rapport with all types of pupils.
* WebQuest Page. The site highlights new and innovative ways to bring the Internet into the K-12 curriculum. Links are provided to training materials and sample web activities.