A Little About Me!

My name is Yohana Lopez and I am a 6th Grade Science Teacher at Hialeah Gardens Middle School.

          I was born in Cuba. During my school years I dream to be a doctor, but the reality was that my teachers and friends admired me for my inborn teaching talent.

          I came to United States by boat in 1992 with my family, and expecting a baby. Today, I have two sons Rene who is 19 years old and a Freshmen College student, and Jesus who is 14 years old and a 9th grade High School student. My parents, Celia and Mario, and my fiancé, Gabriel, have been an incredible support in my life during the last five years to accomplish my goals and make my dreams a wonderful reality.

          I graduated from Florida Memorial University in Fall 2010 and obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Humanities. I have passed all Florida States requirements to become a Certify teacher, and I am pursuing a Masters in Educational Technology in Florida Memorial University as well.

          My favorite color is blue, and my hobbies are to create balloons decorations, customize piñatas, exercise, fishing, and all about computers. I also enjoy playing online games with my children, going to the theater, and Ice-Skating.

My motto: "Never Give Up" nevertheless sometimes I feel tire, I keep on persevering until I reach my goals.

I love to teach, but I am daily challenge to make a difference in a teenagers life.

Just Me!


My Family

My sons and I

Rene, Me, Jesus




Daddy, Jesus, and Mommy

"Do The Right Thing"

Gabriel and I





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