15800 NW 42nd Ave, Miami Gardens, FL 33054

Best taste of Senegalese cuisine to South Florida

We serve the best Senegalese dishes to the South Florida community.

About The Chain

About the chain

The chain's founder, Coumba Ndeye Samb, started Chez Coumba three years ago. The idea came up to her one night after wanting to eat this particular Senegalese Dish. There was not a single Senegalese restaurant in the area. A year later, the first Chez Coumba was inaugurated in Miami Gardens, Florida.


Senegalese Dishes

Normally you eat from this common bowl, not from individual plates, with your right hand. The hostess will divide up the fish and veggies on to each person’s rice portion in front of them. Take a piece of fish or veggies and some rice in your right hand. Squeeze to make a ball and pop it into your mouth.


our locations

he location is convincing in every respect: The "Chez Coumba" is located in the centre of Vienna and is very close to key public agencies, statutory authorities, government ministries and hotels. International companies such as Raiffeisen Bank International or card complete service bank and PayLife Bank are located here.