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Food in the North

The food of North Africa has been heavily influenced over the centuries by the ingredients brought by traders, invaders and migrants. The Arabs introduced spices such as saffron, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger and cloves. Sweet pastries and other baked foods were brought by the Ottoman Turks. Wheat and its by-product, semolina, were introduced early on. The nomadic Berbers adapted semolina into couscous, one of the main staples of the region.




Consisting of many tiny granules made from steamed and dried durum wheat, couscous has become a popular alternative to rice and pasta.

It has a light fluffy texture which is a little bland in flavour but which readily soaks up the flavours of other ingredients.





Shakshuka is a popular and easy to make North African dish. There are many ways to make a Shakshuka, yet in general, it consists of eggs made on fresh and spicy tomate sauce. In addition, Shakshuka is always served in the panĀ it was made in and complemented with white.