Africa West

Food in the West

The cuisine of West Africa tends to rely on heavy starchy foods (known as carbohydrates), which provide energy. Typically, West Africans will give their meals taste with hot spices and chili peppers, or sauces such as peanut. An example of a typical starchy food is Fufu. This is made from root vegetables such as yams, cocoyams, or cassava. It is normally accompanied by sauces or stews. The staple grain varies from region to region, but maize/corn is common in many areas. Rice dishes are also widely eaten in the region, especially across the dry Sahel belt. Along coastlines, rivers and lakes, fish are an important source of protein. Cattle, goats and sheep are raised (varying by region), though meat is often a luxury for poor families.



Fufu is a staple across Africa, there are many varieties of it;  it can be made with bananas, Cassavas, Yams, corn meal or semolina. Hope you will enjoy this dish.



Thiébou dieun (Rice and Fish) is a traditional Senegalese recipe for a classic one-pot dish of rice with fish and mixed vegetables in a tomato and tamarind base. The full recipe is presented here and I hope you enjoy this classic Senegalese version of: Rice and Fish (Thiébou dieun).