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Food in Central Africa

Many parts of Central Africa have remained true to their traditional foods, perhaps because until the 19th century, there weren't many external influences on the cuisine. Plantains (a variety of banana picked unripe and cooked as a starch) and cassavas continue to form the basis of many meals. Starchy staples are often served with meat, bean or vegetable stews. Meat from livestock can be costly and where they can, families use 'bush meat' from wild animals such as monkey, antelope and wild pigs



Unfamiliar with the cooking of central Africa? Don’t worry. Just dive in at this inexpensive African Food Settlers. If it looks like collard greens, it’s probably stewed cassava leaves. If it looks like goat, it’s probably goat. You’ll also find meaty braises of heart, liver or kidneys for the adventurous; beans with chunks of tender goat or lamb meat; plantains, corn bread, several types of rice and vegetables.



Palm is a very popular ingredient in Central Africa dishes recipes. It is found in abundance and thus is used in different forms in their cooking.Palm Butter soup is one of the popular soups of this region. When it comes to vegetables, spinach stew  is a popular choice. This stew is made not only with spinach but includes other vegetables like pepper and tomatoes also.