Consider how you wll use the card. Do you pay the entire balance at the end of every month? Or, do you make minimum payments? For those indiviuals who pay the entire balance each month, intrest rate is not a priority. Most likely, you will not have to pay finance chargers. Instead, look for a company that does not charge an annual fee. If you tend to carry an outstanding balance, search for a card issuer that charges very lowintrest rates.
Credit disability insurance pays off your credit card bills if you become unable to work. Many credit card and direct mail companies offer this type of insurance. The insurance is generally very expensive. If you are in good health, a broader policy would probably be a better option.
The Fair Credit Billing Act is a federal law that determines how billing errors and disputes involving credit and charge cards are handled. If you check the back of your monthly statement, generally you will find information about this process. If the company violates any provision of the law, you can sue to recover any damages.

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