educationMy focus is on providing good schools for all kids, and that's why I do not support vouchers that allow parents to use public school money for private school. “We need to invest in our public schools and strengthen them, not drain their fiscal support. “In the end, vouchers would reduce the options available to children in need. I fear these children would truly be left behind in a private market system.” I am more open to charter schools working within the public school system, calling them “important innovators” which improve healthy competition among public schools. However, ┬áthere need to be strong accountability measures in place.


EDStandardized testing is stuck in the crossfire in the debate over accountability, and i have stepped up to take aim. I believe that too often standardized tests fail to provide valuable or timely feedback. Meanwhile, “creativity has been drained from classrooms, as too many teachers are forced to teach to fill-in-the-bubble tests. I do not go so far as to say I’ll drop testing completely; it should be one of the “tools that we use to make sure our children are learning. It just can’t dominate the curriculum to an extent where we are pushing aside those things that will actually allow children to improve and accurately assess the quality of the teaching that is taking place in the classroom.”


Da'Quan Stevens