Playing Pool

Pool is played on a large rectangular table, the top of which is covered with felt. There are six holes, referred to as "pockets", one at each corner, plus one in the middle of each of the longer sides of the table. One plays the game by using a pool stick or pool cue, a white cue ball (used as a medium between the player with the pool cue, and the pool balls themselves), and finally, a number of colored and numbered balls. The objective is generally to sink the numbered balls into one of the pockets by way of the cue ball, at which point the inner workings of the pool table transport the ball (or balls) which fell into the pocket to either a storage space inside the table, or a storage space near one end of the table with a windowed opening.pool

  1. Two rules that tend to hold throughout many games of pool involve "scratching" and calling shots.
  2. One of these rules in the called shot rule
  3. Eight-ball is one of the most popular and well-known ways to play Pool

    Da'Quan Stevens
    September 16, 2011