Playing Pool

  1. Two rules that tend to hold throughout many games of pool involve "scratching" and calling shots. If a player shoots the cue ball into a pocket on his shot, it is considered a "scratch". The cue ball is taken out of the hold, and given to the opposing player who now has "ball in hand" rights; he may place the cue ball anywhere he chooses, so long as it is behind the 2nd dot from the head of the table

  2. One of these rules in the called shot rule, which states that a player must "call" any shots which are not obvious; in other words, the player must state what the cue ball is going to hit, what balls will be pocketed as a result of it, and in which pocket. An opponent always has the option of requesting a shot call, though on normal shots the player does not have to state them. If a player makes a shot that is different from what is called, the balls that were sunk remain in the pocket, but the opposing player gets ball and hand privileges, and takes their turn.

  3. pooltableEight-ball is one of the most popular and well-known ways to play Pool, and many people these days refer to it as just "Pool". Eight-ball is played with all 15 numbered balls, which are divided into two types: stripes and solids. A player must always call their final shot at the eight ball.  Also, it should be noted that if a player attempting to sink the eight ball after their other balls scratches, or sinks the eight ball into a pocket other than the one they designate, they lose automaticall

    Da'Quan Stevens
    September 16, 2011