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Welcome to Ms. Bairds' Class!

Hello, my name is Ryana Baird I was born in Brooklyn, New York but raised in Atlanta, Georgia. I am a middle child between three siblings, a older brother who is currently in the navy and a younger sister who is currently in second grade. As a child until know I have always loved children. My goal for my future class is to make sure all my future students understand the materials that I am teaching. It is my job to accomodate each student learning style so he or she can better understand the materials better. I will achieve these goals by providing student access to diffrent resources that is best for his or her learning style. I will provide students with different resources to engage and participate in. Furthermore, I am attending Florida Memorial University to be a teacher but not any teacher but an amazing, nurturing, beneficial, and loving elementary teacher.


Teaching Philosophy

I believe that all students are able to learn and capable to succeed despite any disadvantage she or he may have. Therefore, as teacher it is my duty to enter a classroom with knowledge, goals, and expectation for my students. It is my job to make sure every child leaves my classroom with some understanding of the material they are being taught.
I am firm believer that every student has differentiated learning style and unique way of learning. My role as a teacher will be to allow my students to express their selves creatively and fundamentally to help them better learn. This allows students to think outside of the box. In addition, this will allow the classroom to stimulate students mind to develop them into abstract thinkers. My goal for my students are to understand and grasp the material using different learning strategies.
I will achieve these goals by providing my students access to resources and material that is best fit for his or her learning style. For example, technology will play big role in the way I teach. I believe the use of technology in the classroom will engage student’s participation and motivate them to want to learn. Some students are antisocial and do not like peer to peer interaction, however through the use of technology students will be provided the opportunity to enhance the interaction with their classmates. In addition, the use of technology will allow the students to be more responsible. Providing access to school devices gives students the opportunity to take ownership and improve their decision basing skills.
In conclusion, teaching is a learning process. As you observe your students in class you are able to realize what help benefits their learning. It is not easy but as you develop a relationship with your students you are able to develop strategies that will improve each child’s learning.