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In the world that we currently live in, everything and everyone is evolving. This idea steered me to the primary topic of this paper, the 21st Century Learners. The 21st Century Learners proposes the notion that our new generation assimilates knowledge in a completely different manner in comparison to their parents. This denotes that their way of learning utilizes techniques such as the use of technology as well as learning real world applications in class.
According to the Partnership for 21st Century Learning and the National Association Education, a few skills are believed to be essential for the 21st Century Learners. These skills include; technology, communication, collaboration, creativity and 21st century themes. Integrating technology into the 21st Century Learners education is extremely important because it provides the students with information that can be accessed by a click of a button. It is vital to promote the use of technology because if technology is used properly, it can have a beneficial effect on others. Communication and collaboration are critical and needed skills to effectively interact with others especially at work. Promoting creativity, allows room for new ideas and promote the students to think outside of the box. Based on Partnership for 21st Century Learning, 21st century themes include; “ global awareness, civic literacy, health literacy and environmental literacy.” These themes allow students to connect to the world on another level by understanding the issues that are present globally. Those skills combined showcases the way the 21st-century learners are learning and how this new learning style can be very beneficial.

All in all, in today’s world, certain skills are needed for students to thrive. Due to this change, educators should learn and understand how to promote those skills to have a high success rate in schools and in their chosen careers.