Florhuns' Portfolio

My name is Florhuns Fleurestil and I was born in Haiti but grew up in my Miami. I have a younger sibbling who is around the same age as me. I have a passion for teaching and can not wait to learn from every single one of you guys.


An African proverb that I’ve heard states “The child who is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth.” This adage plays a critical part in my being a teacher. I want all of my students to feel the “warmth”, so that they won’t have to hurt others in order to get it.

As a teacher, I wish to encourage my students to always do their best no matter what. I want my classroom to be a friendly environment where no one is afraid to make mistakes. I want my students to understand that sometimes making a mistake is a learning experience. I want my students to understand how the real world works and empower them to be the best them that they could be. I want them to see leaning in a different perspective.  Learning is not just about passing a test but instead being able to obtain,comprehend and apply something that we have learned in the classroom in the outside world.