What these people never seem to grasp is how hard it actually is to make things look nice in text mode. The resolution is low, true, but it's "tricky" - you can use several different techniques to reach higher resoltions; antialiasing, different charset tricks (such as the 50% high blocks used in many Alpha Design demos), etc. There's much more to text mode than what TextFX, AA-Lib or LibCaCa can offer!

Kickoff & Project Charter

First things first: let’s meet up and get to know each other. From our early meetings and research, we'll establish communication protocols, milestones and timelines, deliverables and scope, roles and expectations.

Project Analysis

We will work with you to help determine the requirements of the project, from a technical, creative, and organizational perspective. We’ll analyze content, writing style, visual design, and interface design,

IA & Content Strategy

Using the knowledge gained from our discovery conversations, we will audit existing content both quantitatively and qualitatively. What exists on your current site? And, more importantly, is it doing what you need it to do?

Search Strategy

We'll develop a document summarizing best practices for Search Engine Optimization, including page structure, URL syntax, meta data, and content hierarchy. This will help your site make sense to both human and robot (aka Google) users.

Strategic Direction

All of the information found during the discovery phase will be complied into a concise document that outlines the search, content, technical, and creative strategies. This document will act as the project map,

UX Sketches

We will work with you through an iterative process to create rough wireframes, or UX sketches, for key views. This will help establish the design system, while communicating a sense of the functionality.

One of our main goals is to keep content independent from design or presentation. Your content should never be dependent on a layout to work properly. So, along with wireframes, you will receive a set of page tables for key content pages. Page tables identify each content area in priority order, and identify the most important messages to communicate in each area.