Shooting a Basketball


It's extremely difficult to teach the proper form of shooting a basketball through written text. I like to use a method I call the Catch, Square, Tuck, and follow through method when teaching players to shoot. First you catch the basketball then you square your shoulders to the basket next you tuck your elbow, and finally you follow through on the release.
1: Look at the picture to the left notice the players elbow and how it is in relationship to the shoulders. It's directly in-line with the shoulders, in other words it's not out to the right. This is where the elbow should be.

2: Assuming the shoulders are in-line with the basket meaning the body is facing the basket. By tucking the elbow this automatically aligns the ball with the rim. Now that the player has his shoulders squared to the hoop and his elbow tucked in he/she can concentrate on the shot. This brings us to the follow through step.

3: Following through is one of the most important aspects to shooting a basketball correctly because the follow through puts backspin on the ball which gives you the "shooters touch". Teach your players the "fishhook" method of releasing the basketball. This simply means that when the ball leaves the players hand the arm and hand should be in a form which is shaped like a fish hook (see image at left). In other words the arm will be fully extended and the player will "flip" the wrist when releasing the ball. On the release the ball should leave the hand in a "flipping" motion not a "push" motion. Teach your players to "flip" the basketball not "push" it towards the rim. The ball should leave from the fingertips not the palm of the hand.