About Us

A Better Way to do Laundry.

The average person spends up to four hours a week doing laundry and we feel like free time should be free. Free to do what you want to do, rather than what you have to do, for example, like laundry.

We have a better way. Our way focuses on convenience, and gives you back time to do more of what you love… (and less laundry).

So, that’s Laundrify: a modern laundry and dry cleaning experience that simplifies the process of getting things done, for those with no love for doing laundry. Schedule with a tap or text, and we show up and take care of the rest. Ditch laundry day, forget going to the dry cleaners and stop worrying whether or not your button-down is pressed to impress. We do it all. And, more importantly, we do it.

Love For Our Area.

Our company was born and based in Miami, Florida. So we keep things as local as possible to help support and grow our community. From the team members who wash & deliver, to using local business resources & partners (like our awesome bags), we believe in strong local ties – after all, your vibe is your tribe, and ours hails from Miami, intentionally.

Helping Others.  

No one should have to worry about clothing themselves or their children. We’ve partnered with a local shelter dedicated to improving the lives of homeless women, youth & children. They provide sanctuary, support, education and resources to empower their clients to heal, learn, grow, and blossom.

Being Good Neighbors.

  We work hard every day to implement the highest standards of eco-responsibility. We stand by mother nature every day! 


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