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The Beginners Investment Club

WINvest is an amazing new concept in investment clubs and the only one of it's kind. We are strongly dedicated to the education of our members and we are Internet based. This is a self-directed club where you decide where your investment dollars go.  Please take a moment to look around.  If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail us at info@winvestic.com

Our Origin

WINvest started as a family investment club.  The club was an excellent way to educate the youngsters in sound investment practices, financial planning and money management.  As the family grew, so did the club.  Eventually, word of the club got out to friends who wanted to join and learn more about investing.  In 1996, the partners decided to reestablish the club as a limited liability partnership and to open membership to non-family members.  Managing partners were elected, the paperwork was filed and The WINvest Investment Club, LLP was born.

One of our base principles is the members chose where their money goes; in other words, you pick the companies you invest in, the amount and you decide when to invest.

Our other base principle is educating our membership on investing and managing their finances.  We have big plans for our internet site in accomplishing these goals.  Please watch it each week for additional educational material.

The WINvest concept is unique.  No other club lets you direct your investment to a specific company, invest when you want and withdraw fully or partially at any time.  One of our first challenges was; we couldn't keep the books using pencil and paper.  We had too much volume and the club practices was far too complex.

The managing partners shopped around for computer software and quickly found there wasn't any.  Nothing even close!  So they went looking for help and found a company willing to write the software and do the accounting work for the club.

After months of programming and testing, a very sophisticated and most unique system was created; like the club, the only one of its kind.

Next, we had to find a way to tell people about the club and distribute information to our members.  Our dues and fee levels didn't permit us to use the mail so we decided to use the internet.  Over the next few months, we plan to expand our web pages to include all sorts of educational information as well as investment information.  Watch our main page each week for new features.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide education and financial benefits for our partners. We fulfill this mission by buying and selling stocks as directed by our partners and by passing along information about investing and about the companies we invest in. We want our partners to become confident and competent investors.

The $25(US) initial "Capital Contribution" for new partners is used to set up the new partner on our system and to cover general partnership expenses. There are no monthly or annual minimums, however all partners are required to make a $15(US) "Capital Contribution" each year. This is used to cover the cost of your monthly statements, annual statement, and general partnership expenses.

If you decide to leave you will receive the full value of your account in the form of stock or cash, whichever you Choose. Some companies have a minor fee for issuing stock or withdrawals which is deducted from your account. You can also withdraw all or part of your account, in stock or cash, whichever you choose, at any time. Again, some companies have a minor fee for issuing stock or cash withdrawals.

All investments are optional, there are no minimum monthly investments. You can skip a month or skip a year without penalty. With WINvest, you invest whenever you want, in whatever company you wish. You will receive a selection list each month with your statement along with an detailed report of how your investments are performing.

We try to add between two and five companies each year and your opinion is very important to us. When a partner suggests a new company, and the company fits our criteria, we usually add it to our list. Your suggestions are not just welcome but very much needed.

Each partner is responsible for watching a company. We consolidate their opinions and report them in the news Portion of the monthly statement. When you invest in a company for the first time, we send your name to the company and ask them to put you on their investor mailing list. We also suggest reading material and pass along information provided to us by various companies.
You are taxed on your profits and your dividends are Taxable income to you. Any time you make a cash withdrawal, you will usually have a taxable gain or loss. This information is reported to you at the end of the year in a partnership statement. If you withdraw in the form of stock, this is usually not a taxable event.

How Do You Join

If you'd like to join, print out the application, complete it and mail it to us.  If you would like an application mailed to you, just e-mail your name and address to info@winvestic.com.

No salesperson will call you. We don't have a sales staff and we don't sell our membership list.

The WINvest Investment Club, LLP
P. O. Box 1011
Indianapolis, IN 46206-1011